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Worcestershire is a well-established location for Motorsport and Unique Motorsport is built upon the foundations of community, togetherness and passion for bikes. Created as a place to welcome growing talent and to support racers to finding their full potential. Unique Motorsport is a team that is there to allow the opportunity to learn from each other and to find a family within the wider family of Motorsport. Moving up to single seater race cars. Sarah Williamson Team Manager had been helping sponsor BSB Superstock 600 Rider in 2018 with her company Unique People Recruitment and became apart of a BSB team. Sarah then came across bike racer Matthew Venn.


Originally from Evesham, Matt began his racing career in Karting before moving up to single seater race cars. Matt originally began his motorsport career in the year 2000 when he was just 8 years of age. He competed in many British and international karting and car events throughout his four-wheel career. Back in 2018, Matt made the transition from four wheels to two, quickly getting a huge reputation throughout the paddocks for his riding style and his dedication to succeed in the sport.



In 2019 Matt Venn and Unique Motorsport competed in the British Motor Cycle Racing Club Championship to which the team achieved:

Throughout the season Matt and Unique Motorsport finished in the top 5 at every round competed in. With only competing in half the season we still managed to secure 4th in the championship.

2020 Was the year that Unique Motorsport was to introduce themselves to British Championship Level. However due to the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic Matt and the Team had decided to pull out of the Ducati Tri Options Championship due to being unable to fulfil our promises to our sponsors and therefore we have focused our full attention to the 2021 season.

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